On public exhibition for comment is the lease notice for Wild Bush Luxury Experience. The proposal is best described in Appendix A of the exhibition document: It shows the proposed lease zones; cabin configurations; and site structures (see pages 16-24 ). 

Please lodge your objection to this cabin development lease by the June 26th deadline

It is far better to lodge a unique submission. Use the points below to write your submission by copying the text below into your word processor and reworking this guide to suit you. Then email it to commercial.enquiries@environment.nsw.gov.au, or use the NSW Govt website.

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Property and Lease Management Unit
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To whom it may concern,

Objection to granting of a lease to Wild Bush Luxury Experience

[Remember to put the following points into your own words]

I object to the issue of a lease for serviced cabin accommodation over the Gardens of Stone State Conservation Area located among fragile pagodas areas that should be completely protected from development. 

The three proposed cabin accommodation sites by Wild Bush Luxury Experience will adversely impact the cultural and natural heritage of sensitive pagoda landforms in the Gardens of Stone State Conservation Area and cause significant visual blight.

The three cabin developments located on rocky sites are unsuitable for the disposal of grey water generated from the associated kitchens and ablution facilities. Even when the waste is treated, it will pollute pristine Carne Creek.

I object to the route of Gardens of Stone Walk being determined to suit the cabin lease proposal without specific consultation with bushwalking and conservation groups. The proposed walk has an inappropriate six kilometre diversion loop to reach a cabin development and this compromises walker experience. 

Protecting cliffs and pagoda landscapes was one of the most important outcomes from creating the Gardens of Stone State Conservation Area. Pagoda areas should not be developed for accommodation facilities. The proposed rocking lease sites above cliffs are inappropriate and would be seen from afar. Cabins located among pagodas would also result in pagoda damage from patrons walking on them.

The NSW Department of Planning and the independent Planning Assessment Commission determined that pagoda landscapes, generally, are globally rare, internationally significant and worthy of protection at the highest level. It would be inconsistent with the protection that these fragile pagoda areas merit to issue a lease for cabin development.

The Lost City adventure park was rejected by Environment Minister, the Hon Penny Sharpe, due to its impact on pagodas. The proposed cabin areas will cause adverse environmental impacts on internationally rare and significant pagoda landscapes and should also be refused a lease. It would be inconsistent to reject the adventure park lease proposal and not three other proposals with a total of 18 cabins that would cause extensive environmental impacts and visual blight on pagoda landforms.

Approval of cabin lease would set a bad precedent for commercial accommodation in pristine bushland that is supposed to be protected. Other visually prominent cliff tops and virgin coastal headlands elsewhere would then be at risk of similar lease proposals. 

I am totally opposed to serviced accommodation being built in NSW national parks and reserves, especially in pristine bushland areas with stunning views. 

Thank you for the opportunity to comment.

Yours sincerely,