The Gardens of Stone

A natural paradise near Sydney

Monster Gardens of Stone Banner Event

Sunday 26 November, 11:00am


A spring day in the gardens


Take action to stop Manildra wrecking the Gardens of Stone

Take action to stop Manildra wrecking the Gardens of Stone 07_0127 MOD 5 - D490/17

Could you please take action to help fight off open-cut coal mining in the Gardens of Stone region at Ben Bullen State Forest 25km north-west of Lithgow.

Manildra's - a starch and ethanol company that has no real business in coal - wishes to restart the twice rejected Invincible open-cut mine in the Ben Bullen State Forest. It has set up a subsiduary, Castlereagh Coal, to push this proposal through.

"the highest and best use of the area is for conservation purposes"
Planning Assessment Commission, 2014

A spring day in the gardens itinerary

A Spring Day in the Gardens
Sunday 26 November 2017
Campaigning to Protect Gardens of Stone

Getting there: Turn left at the top of the hill on State Mine Gully Road
Newnes State Forest, about six kilometres from Lithgow Station

11:30 – 11:50 Welcome to Country and Opening
11:50 – 12:45 Banner Displays: Sphinx Spur
12:45 – 13:45 Wild Cafes: Conservation conversations
Wild Cafe 1: The Gardens of Stone campaign
Wild Cafe 2: The Gardens of Stone campaign
Wild Cafe 3: Save the Kowmung River campaign
Wild Cafe 4: Save Radiata Plateau campaign
Wild Cafe 5: Renewable Energy for the Lithgow Region
Select a cafe conversation with lunch
13:45 – 14:45 People in Pagodas photo shoot Sphinx
Pagoda and surrounding pagodas
14:45 Emu walk and close. (Drinks & dinner –
The Katoomba Family Hotel 15 Parke St.
Photos of the day and other information
First aid: Marshall coordinator 0491103368,

Gardens of Stone - In Focus

From amazing landscapes with Aboriginal culture, secret places to visit, rare plants and animals,
and relics from the past, the Gardens of Stone region has it all. Watch the Video.

Visit The Gardens of Stone

THE GARDENS OF STONE STAGE TWO RESERVE PROPOSAL encompassing 39,000 hectares is located on the western edge of the Blue Mountains near Lithgow and adjoins the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. This landscape cradles many hidden secrets wich can be discovered by the average family on a relaxed weekend outing. It also provides significant challenges to attract the most ardent adventure seekers.

The Gardens of Stone Reserve proposal 

The Gardens of Stone is a paradise for bushwalkers, rock climbers and camping families who regularly visit to see:

  • Aboriginal sites and rock art dating back thousands of years; as well as
  • Incredible eroded rockscapes of pagodas, cliffs, natural arches, waterfalls, slot canyons, gorges and large caverns;
  • Rare vegetation communities, threatened plants and animals, some endemic to the area; and
  • Rare highland swamps and ancient wind-blown sand dunes.

Yet this landscape of unsurpassed beauty and unique plant and animal communities is under threat. Read more...

Visitors Map

The Gardens of Stone visitors map has been created to showcase the area and provide visitors with a guide to some of the more remarkable and accessible areas. Available for $10.

Gardens of Stone Heritage Report

The Gardens of Stone Heritage Report, commissioned by three NSW environment groups, was released this Saturday at Sydney University at an event to celebrate the unique heritage values of the Gardens of Stone. For the first time a report has taken stock of the cultural and natural assets of some 39,000 hectares of the Gardens of Stone region, near Lithgow.



The Gardens of Stone Alliance