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Make an objection to commercial cabin development among pagodas in Gardens of Stone State Conservation Area

The NSW Government has placed on exhibition for comment a lease notice for exclusive cabin accommodation located among pagoda landforms, causing visual blight. A media response to the lease notice explains some of the issues.

It is far better to make an unique individual submission, than to use this webform. If you would like to have a go at that, then please use this dot guide.

The lease proposal creates an appalling precedent of putting accommodation development in parks on top of visually prominent landscape features.

The proposal also creates two classes of park visitor: the haves who get luxury accommodation, and are waited on; and the have nots who look after themselves. This sort of thing has been fought off our beaches, like Bondi, and now its time to fight it out of our parks.

The lease proposal in this conservation reserve is being advertised until June 26. The parent company involved with these proposals is Experience Co (the company that has plans to develop cabins in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, denying the world its best temperate coastal wilderness).

Please make an objection by either going to the NSW Government's comments page or you can modify the guide submission in the webform below:

Objection to the granting of cabin leases among pagodas in the Gardens of Stone