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Angus Place West coal mine extension – proposed Controlled Action (2022/09270)

Centennial Coal is proposing an underground coal mine extension, Angus Place West, under the very headwaters of the Coxs River and under spectacular Kangaroo Creek. The company has made an application under the Federal environmental laws (the EPBC Act) and the public has been given just a few days to comment on how this proposal will impact on national heritage values.

For over a decade Centennial Coal denied that its mining had devastated rare upland swamps on Newnes Plateau. Eventually, with too many dead swamps, impact was accepted. Now Centennial claims that swamps potentially impacted by this proposal are not nationally significant. 

In 2011 Centennial Coal paid $1.45 million to the Federal Government for swamp damage “Without conceding that it has breached the EPBC Act or any other Act”. Research paid for with these funds has mapped the swamps in the Angus Place West proposal as being nationally significant. Despite this, the proponent now claims these swamps aren't nationally significant.

We need to tell the regulators that "the public is watching" to ensure that the independent expert indentification of these swamps as nationally endangered is applied to the Angus PLace West proposal. The public submission deadline is 25 July 2022More background information on the national heritage values at risk from this proposal.

Please make a submission either by clicking on the EPBC referral number 2022/09270 and then lodge your submission on the Government's website using the points below (preferrred option) or you can edit the following guide letter to make a submission using the webform below:

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