Angus Place West Mine proposal puts nationally endangered swamps at risk

Centennial Coal plans to reopen the Angus Place Colliery, that has been mothballed since 2015. The mine is located in the upper Coxs River valley 20 minutes north of Lithgow. In August 2021 Centennial submitted a Scoping Report to the Planning Department for its Angus Place West proposal. The company plans to extract up to 8.5 millions tonnes of coal at a rate of up to 2 million tonnes a year till 2040. The proposal covers 1,000 hectares and would mine under sensitive areas of the new Gardens of Stone State Conservation Area. Despite Centennial's proposal being a controlled action under Federal environmental law (the EPBC Act), the company alleges that mapped national heritage listed swamps are not national heritage, even through they paid for the mapping that identifies them as nationally significant!

State of play: Any day now, the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for this mining proposal will go on public exhibition for comment. To ensure the EIS and this project are referred to a public inquiry by the Independent Planning Commission, we will need submissions from as many supporters as possible. That's where you come in, join the fight to protect the Gardens of Stone. 

For more information see the Angus Place West Briefing Document

More details on how mining will impact on nationally endangered swamps.

Lithgow Environment Centre's submission, Nature Conservation Council's submission and Wilderness Australia's submission.

Proposed Angus Place West Mine
The proposed Angus Place West Mine seeks to mine under the Gardens of Stone SCA


Adventure facilities and tourism accommodation must not blight views

The reserve’s plan of management must be amended as it currently drives commercial tourism growth, instead of conservation and presentation of the heritage values that ensures quality sustainable tourism. Placing adventure tourism facilities in the middle of the Lost City view wrecks Lithgow’s best scenic asset and illustrates perfectly what’s wrong with the management plan.

The Gardens of Stone State Conservation Area must establish effective recreation management that:

  • provides for and promotes ecologically sustainable and environmentally acceptable recreation and tourism activities;
  • makes sustainable recreation activities currently ecologically unsustainable;
  • protects and restores its natural and cultural heritage; and
  • excludes illegal activities.

Management must ensure the aspirations of Traditional Owners to care for and share Country and Aboriginal culture are supported.

Lost City near Lithgow  - Image H. Gold
Lost City - before - Image H. Gold
Building and adventure facilities in the centre of the view - NPWS figure from the tourism EoI
Glamping huts blight views of an outstanding pagoda landscape - NPWS illustration from the tourism EoI